Daily Dose of Blake: Yet another amazing alley-oop

Blake Griffin is amazing, bordering on superhuman. It’s only fair he gets his own daily highlights feature. Otherwise, he’d just dominate Highlight of the Night all night, every night. Here’s your daily dose of Blake for Sunday, Jan. 2.

This oop from Baron Davis was thrown higher than a human should be able to jump, which of course means Blake caught it easily and took it home to its final resting place. Easy two points. Advantage: Clippers.

L.A. led early, but the Hawks came storming back to capture a 107-98 win. Griffin finished with 31 points to go along with 15 rebounds, 3 assists and a block. He made half of his attempts from the field (11-of-22) and, surprisingly, nine of his 14 free throws, proving once again that he’s got substance to go along with his gladiator style athleticism.

The double-double is Blake’s 21st in a row and his 27th overall this season.

Roll, Blake. Roll.

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