Spurs had best local TV ratings in the league this season

The Heat, Bulls and Lakers may have been the most talked about teams in the NBA this season, but when it comes to local TV ratings, the Spurs are king.

Tim Duncan and Co. had the highest local television ratings in the league this year,  according to the Sports Business Journal (subscription required). They clocked in at an average rating of 10.19, a 52 percent increase from last season.

I guess Pop’s new offense was even more popular than we thought.

The Spurs more than doubled the Heat, the third ranked team, who had an average rating of 4.94. My guess is they factored LeBron’s mind-numbingly awful web series into that average. There’s no way the Heat’s rating should be that low. Still, it was a 99 percent increase from the average number of Miami-ans who watched last season.

Coming in second was another small(er) market, Utah.

The Jazz had an average rating of 5.6, which is barely above their average for last season. Still, any improvement (even one as small as 1.8 percent) is good. Especially considering they just lost one of the most popular and most respected coaches in the league in Jerry Sloan.

Other notable increases from around the league: the Los Angeles Clippers (130 percent), Chicago Bulls (91 percent) and the New York Knicks (89 percent). No surprises there, considering how improved those teams were this season.

Also of interest: the Nets finished dead last in average rating for the second year in a row with an average of 0.29.

No wonder they’re moving to Brooklyn.

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