John Wall is a junk food fanatic

Wizards guard John Wall got his MTV Cribs on recently (not really, he just gave the Washington Post a quick tour of his apartment). Turns out he’s a junk food fiend. Chewy bars, sticky buns, Oreos, Gushers. He’s got it all. A whole closet full of snacks.

Don’t try to bring vegetables into the house, either. Wall doesn’t play that. Actual quote: “This is a junk food house. We eat all junk food. I don’t eat vegetables.”

And you thought Lamar Odom had a questionable diet.

I give Wall two years tops before a total culinary overhaul. Healthy eating has become the most recent competitive advantage in the NBA. Just look at the success Steve Nash has had. Wall’s a competitive guy. It won’t be long before he wises up and starts eating right.

Until then, hide the Cinnamon Toast Crunch bars when J Wall’s in the house. He’s coming for those snacks, and he’s not taking no for an answer.

Watch the full video tour of Wall’s apartment.

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